Then & NOW Military History Time Line Saturday & Sunday 13-14 September 2014

10am to 4pm 

The "Then & NOW Military History Time Line Encampment/Bivouac" hosts a score of reenactors from the 18th through 21st centuries.  The two-day event features music spanning three centuries, a 1pm Battle Dress fashion show, and plenty of opportunity to talk to the participants about their hobby.  Always on the first non-home game PSU football weekend,  the Time Line brings the past alive for a great back-to-school experience.


IMG 9951Then & NOW 2013; 05-06OCT

 Photos and Commentary


 The 2013 date was a beautiful "Indian Summer" weekend.  Thirty-eight participants from three states helped make for a memorable experience.        








Temperatures averaged in the 70's with the bulb hitting the 80 mark very easily in the sun.








It was perfect weather to show off the collections and gear.



New to the event this year was the men of the 505th Parachutre Infantry Regiment commanded by Tyler Crestani 



Everything "Airborne" was discussed at their station.  





Captain Dave Felice and the ladies of battery and regiment enjoy the day. 


James Watkins (Left) of State College, PA and Pete Michel (right) of Jackson, NJ wear uniforms that represent a 99 year separation by history.  Watkins, an active duty reservist with the US Marines, displays the "battle rattle" of the Marine infantryman with digital pattern camouflage, kevlar helmet and Camelbac hydration system.  Michel, a historical interpreter and history teacher, wears the World War One Canadian Highlander uniform.  And yes, they did wear kilts in the trenches.   



Group Photos












The 2013 participants enjoyed BBQ from Hog Fathers and Olive Garden pasta with salad.  



Time Line Group Shot 2010



Time Line Group Shot 2009






Time Line Group Shot 2008.





Time Line fashion show 2007.



Hope to see you on September 13-14, 2014!! 


Interested in participating? 


WWI and WWII         email Mike Williamson  

Vietnam War    

Civil War (Artillery) 

Civil War (Infantry) 

Colonial Period          email Ed ManningThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">





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