Artifact Donation

The mission of the Pennsylvania Military Museum is to preserve and honor Pennsylvania's military history from 1747 to the present, interpreting for citizens and visitors the story of the Commonwealth's ‘Citizen Soldiers', civilian activities on the home front, and the contributions of Pennsylvania industry to military technology. Therefore, the Pennsylvania Military Museum collects artifacts relating directly to Pennsylvania's military history for exhibition in the museum. The principal period covered is from the Spanish American War to the present. 

As a general rule, the museum does not accept artifacts that are:

  • too large for storage or display within the museum space 
  • infested with insects, disease organisms, or other pests 
  • in poor condition
  • newspapers
  • potentially hazardous items (e.g., live ammunition, unexploded ordnance) 
  • duplicates of original artifacts

The museum does not accept unsolicited artifacts through the mail.  If you have objects that you are interested in donating to the museum, please contact us at 814-466-6263. When you call, please have information readily available on the items, including their age, the conflict with which they are related to, their connection to Pennsylvania, and your contact information.  Also, if possible, please have photographs of the artifact ready for submission. 

Artifacts are only accepted as unrestricted gifts and if the owner wishes to place specific conditions upon their donation (e.g., display guarantees, terms of loan, etc.), they will not be accepted. 

The Pennsylvania Military Museum uses artifacts for a variety of purposes, including exhibits organized and displayed in the museum, for loans to other reputable institutions, and for research by students and historians. Artifacts not on exhibit or loan are placed in secure storage areas within the museum. These areas have controlled humidity, temperature, and light to ensure that the items are carefully preserved.

Use the form below to contact our curator about possible offers of donations. 

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