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Friends' Lecture Series: "World War I Through the Eyes of the Common Soldier"

Kenneth Redline, an Altoona boy, joined the Army to play baseball, and although he hadn't bargained for a war, he took his change of status in good humor.  After all, he was 21, single, and up for adventure.  Among the first to arrive in France in August of 1917, Ken was destined to bear witness to it all -- life in the trenches, the carnage of battle, the power of raw courage, political and military ineptitude, the poignance of brief and fleeting romance in the face of certain death and the singular bond that connects men who have fought together. Using excerpts from Dig or Die, Redline's fictionalized account of life in the uniform of the U.S. Army, his daughter and editor Judith Redline Coopey shares his adventures and insights and speculates on the lasting effect of such an experience on the rest of a man's life.