Facility Rental

The Pennsylvania Military Museum offers multiple facility rental options.  See our special use fees for more information regarding pricing and use the contact form below to reach out to a member of our team with your interest.

Be advised there is a minimum 90-day lead time for all facility use requests.  There is no guarantee nor should there be any expectation that a date and facility use request can be honored inside of the minimum 90-day window

All events, rentals, and facility use are coordinated around the Calendar of Events for the Pennsylvania Military Museum, and events that fall within our mission. All events, rentals, and facility use are subject to the approval of the Site Administrator, all rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, and the applicable rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

There are two areas available for use. The first is known as the Front Parade Grounds; this is the area immediately in front of the Shrine adjacent the Monuments surrounded by the walking-path. The second is the field adjacent to the pavilion, known as the Dogpatch.



Outdoor pavilion with adjacent parking, picnic tables, and trash receptacles.  Note – the pavilion does not have electricity or restrooms.


The museum theater has full audio visual capabilities (projector, laptop hookup, surround sound, and seating).  Depending on the type of event there is also a connected kitchen with outdoor entry for catering and supplies.  Chairs and tables are also available for use.

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