From Our New Site Administrator

As a native Pennsylvanian growing up thirty minutes outside of State College meant regularly visiting Happy Valley, attending Penn State as a student, meeting my future wife on campus and attending many of the events held at the Military Museum. For me, becoming the new Site Administrator is very much like coming home, which is why this position is so much more than a job and very much personal!  I have seen and experienced first-hand what these grounds mean to citizens of Pennsylvania and all who visit.  I remember the WWI Trench, the stand of hardwoods in front of the museum, and have attended the Celebration of Service Ceremony.

I am honored to join such a great team!  Joe, Jason, Steve, Ann and Sarah warmly welcomed me as one of their own.  The same can be said of the Friends of the Military Museum and their Board of Directors. For that, I am truly grateful.  If one needs proof of how great this museum is, simply look to its staff and volunteers.  

Many wonder what the future holds for our museum; new exhibits and artifacts, expanding and growing our programming and strengthening our volunteer base is just the start.  The Pennsylvania Military Museum is already a great facility and, with our collective efforts it will become even bigger, better and more widely known.  Nothing is without its struggles.  But these challenges afford us so much opportunity.  It is an honor to ensure future generations will continue to learn of the great achievements and contributions the many sons and daughters of Pennsylvania have given our nation – both soldier and citizen.  It is an even nobler task to ensure that the sacrifices of those who have worn our nation’s uniform while representing Pennsylvania are not forgotten.

I look forward to working with all of you as the new Site Administrator of the Pennsylvania Military Museum!

Tyler O. Gum
Site Administrator
Pennsylvania Military Museum