Appeal for Help

Dear Friends,

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) needs your help!  Last week the House passed a FY17/18 budget that allocates a general operating budget to PHMC of $18,355,000.  PHMC’s current general operating budget is $19,927,000.  This reduction of $1,572,000, if it holds throughout the budget process, will definitely affect the operations of PHMC.  HB218 is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

We are asking all of you to be in touch with our/your state Senator and advocate to bring PHMC’s budget back to the number proposed for us by Governor Wolf – $19,631,000.  Linked here is a sample letter that all of you can use; to complete the letter all that you need to do is sign the bottom (if you wish). The mailing address for Senator Corman is located on top of the letter.

Feel free to share this letter with others that may be interested in supporting PHMC, including the organizations or teams you are involved in!

Kindest regards from everyone at the Pennsylvania Military Museum