School Tours

Tour Admissions

  • Public or Private Schools: $4.00/student up to grade 12. Minimum of 10 students. Teachers, bus drivers, and one chaperone are admitted free.
  • Home or Cyber Schools: $4.00/student up to grade 12. Minimum of 10 students. Group organizer admitted free. All other adults $5.50.

Tour Options

  • Museum Tour: Start the tour with our orientation DVD, "Answering the Call: Pennsylvanians in Service to the Nation". Two hundred and fifty years of Pennsylvania military history are condensed into this twelve-minute movie. From the Colonial Period to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the class will understand the importance of Pennsylvanians in the armed services. The exhibit, ADVANCE: The Tactics and Logistics of Warfare, shows the development, organization, and function of the armed services in the 20th century. As technology improved, tactics on the battlefield evolved as well. Discover why a tank is called a “tank” and how evacuating a patient off the battlefield changed so drastically in less than 50 years. (Approximate time allotted, 1 hour. Maximum comfortable attendance, 25-35 students.)
  • Shrine Tour: Prepare the students for a ¼-mile walk amidst the monuments of the Pennsylvania National Guard’s 28th Infantry Division Shrine. Learn about the Boal Troop, the Guard’s first horse-mounted machine gun cavalry unit that trained on these very same grounds, and the history of the division as it fought in two World Wars. Discover the relationship between Boalsburg, the shrine, and the museum, and how the convergence of the Purple Heart Highway and the 28th Division Highway became the home of Pennsylvania’s 20th-century military history. (Approximate time allotted, 1 hour. Maximum comfortable attendance, 25-35 students.)
  • Understanding the Armor: Size yourself up against a World War II era tank and compare that to other armored vehicles from the 1950s and 60s. Students will learn about the development, function, and design of armored vehicles as a means of protecting the troops and influencing the battlefield. Guides will interpret many physical characteristics of the vehicles for a unique educational experience. (Approximate time allotted, 1 hour. Maximum comfortable attendance, 25-35 students.)
  • History Reconnaissance (RECON) Missions: History RECON Missions are based on the concept of the treasure hunt. The visiting school is divided into three platoons, squads, or fire-teams and issued “orders” to answer a list of 12 questions based on the exhibit labels.  What makes the mission interesting is that only one set of questions are issued to each group and pencils or pens are not authorized for use. The class is then mustered together as a whole at the end of the exercise for a “debriefing." RECON Missions exist for the museum exhibits, the 28th Infantry Division Shrine, and the armored vehicles on the grounds. This exercise fosters leadership and encourages teamwork. RECON Missions need to be coordinated through the office of the Museum Educator with a three week advance notice.    
  • Field Trip SuggestionsIf desired, two or three of the above tour options may be offered concurrently to accommodate up to 100 students. This allows for a large number of students to experience a guided tour. Please plan for a 3-hour tour, including lunch, if visiting with more than 60 students. The picnic pavilion will be automatically reserved for your group. This structure and your transportation may have to serve as shelter during inclement weather. Please dress accordingly. 


  • 67 Acre Historic Site: The grounds of the museum and shrine served as a cavalry training post for the National Guard’s first mounted machine gun troop in 1916. A half-mile walking path surrounds the parade grounds of the shrine that are still designated as an active landing zone for the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. Several outside vehicle and artillery exhibits interpret the changing technology of the 20th century from World War One through the Vietnam Era. A covered picnic pavilion with charcoal grills is available for your use.
  • Historic Boalsburg: Discover the birthplace of Memorial Day and Central Pennsylvania’s connection with Christopher Columbus. Turn your field trip into a mini “History Camp” by scheduling a tour with the Boalsburg Heritage Museum (814-466-3035) and the Columbus Chapel/Boal Mansion Museum (814-466-6210). Both sites are within a 15-minute walk from the Military Museum and may be incorporated into a daylong visit.


  • Visiting Educator Program: Let the museum come to the classroom. The “Visiting Educator” program allows the students to examine history up close and personal with the opportunity to examine artifacts from the museum’s education collection. Call for availability.